International Diploma in Millennial Tourism (IDMT)

International Diploma in Aviation and Tourism
IDMT is approved by OUM Malaysia (IPD) with validation and certification.

This course is specifically designed to cater to the requirements of the modern day Travel and Tourism workforce. The tourism industry is one of the most important and fastest growing in the world, worth up to one trillion Dollars annually. This makes it a very dynamic industry, always changing and adapting to the new environments.

This course provides the essential know how to fulfill the current needs of this ever changing industry. It explains how travel and tourist activities from past led to the creation of the modern tourist industry. The course clarifies how tourism developed up to the present day and how advancements in transportation and accommodation in the recent past have helped to create the contemporary tourist industry. The course also describes the practical considerations of tourism and how tourism can be marketed effectively.

This course will be of great interest to students as well as to owners of tourism focused businesses and people working in the tourist industry. It updates people about the latest developments in the modern day tourist industry. It is also suitable for anyone who wishes to learn more about the history of travel as well as the latest trends unfolding every day.


Tourism Basics
Tourism System: Supply & Demand
Current Trends and Their Effects on the Tourism Industry
Tourism Products
Fundamentals of International Fares and Ticketing
Geography In Travel Planning
Travel Formalities
Business Models in Tourism
Marketing in Tourism
Computer Reservation System

What do you learn?

To identify and evaluate main trends in the tourism industry and their impact on the industry
To analyze the strengths and weaknesses of business models applied in the tourism industry today
About various tourism products and to create new packages based on the customer preferences
To apply the principles of sustainable development in tourism
Develop marketing strategies for various tourism products and destinations

Career Opportunities

Multi National and National Tour Operators
Corporate Travel Houses
Travel agencies