Industry Speak

  1. guiders education
    Mr. Arun Joseph
    For Airborne Travel and Tourism LLC- Manager – Sales and Marketing

    Guiders Education Placement Division has truly an extension of our organization recruitment process, by finding out the apt candidates based on our requirements along with informing us each candidate’s motivation and what it takes to get them on board with us. You have always kept us in the loop throughout the entire recruitment process and are prompt in your searches resulting in finding us the most qualified candidates . As a tram you have always been responsive to our needs. We will continue to do business with Guiders Education in the future too.

  2. guiders education
    Mr. George Scaria
    Director Incoming Tours, Kerala Voyages,Former President, Tourism Professionals Club

    Hospitality is all about passion and commitment. I have all my appreciation to Guiders Education for extending this to their students in addition to the curriculum. We had the opportunity to engage six students of Guiders Education for a high profile event .The the kind of dedication and support extended by those boys reflects the efficiency of Guiders in grooming their students as pro active professionals. It will be our pleasure to associate with Guiders and their team in future also

  3. guiders education
    Mr. Santosh Nair
    Manager Sales

    I had been to Guiders Education to meet the students and I was surprised and glad to meet some exceptionally good students with sound knowledge of the Logistics industry, warehousing and supply chain management. I congratulate the institute for their contribution and efforts to impart the knowledge which covers all aspects of shipping and logistics industry and making their student’s job ready.

  4. guiders education
    Mr. Prakash Iyer
    President- Cochin Steamer Agents Association

    I have been in touch with this great institute for past several years. Where in I would like to comment as under: I am deeply impressed upon the performance of the institute management and the students of Guiders Education. The campus reminds me of my old days, where in teachers and students are having good bondage between them resulting in better understanding and sharing of knowledge among all. The attractive part of Guiders Education is that the students were given opportunities to learn thru various activities, and at the same time getting involved in community services. Now a days, most of the business organisations have a separate wing, looking after their CSR activities, and the training thru Guiders is also on the path of reaching to communities while looking after the business development. Its great pleasure to be associated with Guiders and its students and wishing them all the best.

  5. guiders education
    Mr. Mathew Philip
    Chief Executive Officer - Kerala Travel Mart Society

    Guiders Education has got all the ingredients to nurture a boy or a girl into a budding candidate for any placement in the Travel & Tourism Industry. Their attitude, enthusiasm and discipline speak volumes of their commitment to the growth of their Institution. The older they grow the more energetic they become and that keeps the academy alive and kicking. All the very best

  6. guiders education
    Anish Antony
    Lotus Tours And Travels- Ernakulam

    We are so happy to tell you that the quality of students we are getting from Guiders is incredible. They are trained amazingly well and there is no need to train them much. They seem to be talented and hardworking professionals and we find it easy to groom them according to our terms of work. This is not often seen with the students of other institutions. Guiders management and staff seem to be good job trainers. Keep up the good work!. All the best.

  7. guiders education
    Binu M Oommen
    Beeta Group

    Guiders Academy and the Management are known to me for the last 7 years.  It is great pleasure to be associated with them. They have been providing quality and productive candidates to us for the last 6 years.  I have found that the candidates who joined my organisation have great ambition and dedication.  Some of the candidates have even been promoted to our management category. Some have even got jobs abroad in the same field after working with us for more than two years.
    I appreciate the effort and dedication taken by the Guiders Management and staff which has taken them to a superior level in this academic sector.

  8. guiders education
    Mr. S. Swaminathan
    Director-Dravidian Trails

    I was pleasantly surprise with the high stand of project works executed by the student as each team was no down to others. After interacting with the management and facility members, I was convinced that the high quality of work by the students were purely due the reflections of the passion and drive the whole team at Guiders Academy carry. Pleased that Kerala now does have an hospitality development institute of excellence with very good facilities and for sure the whole industry can benefit as they will be able to offer well trained, qualified, self-motivated professional on regular basis". Wish all success to the students, faculties and management of guides academy at all times.

  9. guiders education
    Mr. Mohan Menon
    Country Head-Aspinwall & Co Ltd

    The academy provides a course , which enable youngsters to plan , invest and grow in logistics industry which will grow in India for the next 25 years. The commitment of the management and facculty of the institute to churn out quality caliber from their students is commendable. The transformation so far achieved among students is very good. Am sure that this institution will be known for their excellence in all walks of coaching.