IATA Tourism Next Generation (TNG)

IATA Travel & Tourism Foundation Course
TNG is approved by IATA

The IATA Tourism Next Generation course will give you an insight and an opportunity to understand the essential components of the broad tourism industry, its trends, its various products and how to market it. It is essential for every tour company to foster, the next generation by developing the strengths and qualities required, to benefit and support industry growth in the rapidly changing world.

This course was developed IATA in association with the Tourism Department of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, as they felt, that the need of the hour is to have trained tourism professionals, to meet the challenges and take this industry forward to next generation. This course contains topics such as tourism supply and demand, its trends, sustainability and corporate responsibility, quality management and World Health Tourism. This is a relatively new Programme specially designed for young graduates intending to pursue a career in the fast growing Tourism Industry.

At Guiders Education, we teach all those who aspire to build a career in travel and tourism industry about the current trends as well as the future scope of the tourism sector.


Tourism and its impact
Current trends in tourism
Business models in tourism and its marketing
Supply and demand in the tourism system
Development and packaging of tourism products like Health, Sports and Culture
Destination Management

What do you learn?

To identify and evaluate main trends in the tourism industry and their impact on the industry.
To analyze the strengths and weaknesses of business models applied in the tourism industry today
About various tourism products and to create new packages based on the customer preferences
To apply the principles of sustainable development in tourism
Develop marketing strategies for various tourism products and destinations.


Our faculty consist of experts from the tourism industry who impart the best teaching to our students
Guiders Education is acknowledged as the No.1 IATA approved institutions in Kerala
The courses are designed so as to give our students a world class exposure of travel and tourism industry.

Career Opportunities

Travel Agencies
Multi National and National Tourism Companies
Tour Operators

Course Duration

Six months