IATA Travel & Tourism Consultant Course (CONSULTANT)

IATA Travel & Tourism Consultant Course (CONSULT)
IATA Consultant is approved by IATA

IATA Consultant is a top class course which gives good insight to tour management industry. We recommend students those who have successfully completed foundation programme or someone with 2 years experience in an IATA accredited travel agency to do this course. The syllabus cover slightly advanced topics of those covered in foundation programme.


Selling techniques and social media marketing
Fare construction and ticket exchanges/reissuance
Travel industry laws and regulations
Tour customization, luxury and group travel options
Accommodation products other than hotels
Tour Packages
Support Services
Law and Regulations
Selling Skills
Air Fares and Ticketing

What do you learn?

Identify and provide advice on popular destination countries
Advise on modes of transportation, accommodation, and tour products
Apply IATA resolutions to your travel business and activities
Prospect new and existing customers and counter sales objections
Construct complex itineraries and manage changes to ticketed journeys
Handle all major aspects of the travel agency business
Provide accurate advice to clients on major tourist destinations
Produce customised and international inclusive tours
Sell international business, incentive and conference travel arrangements
Learn effective selling skills
Understand the Billing and Settlement System to give your travel operation a distinct operational advantage


Study popular tourism destinations and improve your sales skills to successfully advise your clients on the best travel options.
Learn how to customize and construct complex travel itineraries, develop specialized knowledge of travel products and gain the skills to process ticket exchanges and reissues.
Improve your sales skills to successfully turn prospect and existing customers into returning customers
Learn how to understand how industry regulations affect your travel operations

Career Opportunities

Airline Ticketing
Hotel Administration
Nature Reserve Staff
Cruise Ship Marketers
Group Tour
Sales Staff
Travel Portals
Attraction Management and much more

Course Duration

Six months