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Guiders Education-Important Policies

Admission to any course is subject to meeting the admission criteria including marks in qualifying exams, performance in interview..

All the students are to bring their parent/guardian to the academy for completing the admission procedure. Parents/Guardians shall attend the Parent-Teacher meetings which generally happen twice in one academic year.

Application for admission to the courses should be made in the prescribed form available in the prospectus. Cost of the application form and prospectus shall be informed by the admission team.

Admission at one location or a particular course is not transferable to any other location or another course unless approved by the academy

The student shall submit two passport size colour photographs, two copies of all the certificates, two copies of any government photo identity card at the time of admission. All copies shall be attested by a gazetted officer.

The student shall be prompt in attending classes and require a specific minimum attendance to appear for the exams. Any unauthorized absence for more than two weeks will result in removal from the rolls without any notice. Students are not allowed to leave the class during class time without the concerned teacher's permission..

The dress code of Guiders shall be followed, including uniform, hairstyle, shaving etc. without fail. The Identity card provided to the students should be properly exhibited during class hours.

All students are expected to go through the periodic assessments including project work, if any. Students who do not achieve required scores in the internal examinations may not be permitted to appear for the final IATA or other examinations.

All the equipments, including computers, A/C, projectors, tables, chairs etc, shall be used with proper care and any damage caused to the building, fixture and furniture shall be attributed to the wrongdoer or the whole class as the case may be.

All the facilities provided, including internet connectivity, shall be used only in pursuance of the studies and not for any personal use.

Guiders reserves the right to change these rules and regulations as well as the timing/location/faculty from time to time.

The complete tuition and other fees shall be paid promptly on or before the due date. Any delay in payment may attract a fine of Rs. 50 per day of delay and the student may not be permitted to attend classes during the period of delay. Non payment of fees beyond 15 days from the due date will result in removal from the admission register. Further the issuance of hall ticket for examinations shall be only upon clearing all the fees and other dues

All amounts paid to Guiders are non refundable under any circumstances. All fees shall be paid only at the fee counter and receipt shall be obtained immediately. Guiders shall not be responsible for payments made in any other way.

If an admitted student discontinues the course, the fees for the entire course will have to be paid.

Guiders does not guarantee any attestation of certificates offered by IPD-OUM, BSS or IATA. IPD-OUM, BSS validate and certify the courses offered at Guiders, unlike IATA who conducts the exam end to end.

Students are required to have and use personal laptops in the classroom for academic purposes.

Guiders does not give any guarantee for any internship activities unless specifically mentioned in the admission documents

Guiders has a clear policy in supporting students for identifying job opportunities post successful completion of their course. Achieving performance criteria in periodic internal assessment, English communication skills, class attendance, being well groomed, general behavior, academic scores, performance in mock interviews, industry knowledge, previous education qualification including graduation are significant in providing such placement support. However Guiders is an education institution and not a placement agency and hence PLACEMENT IS NOT GUARENTEED and support also is not offered for short-term courses.

All the students are obliged to abide by all the rules and regulations of Guiders Education and any violation can attract disciplinary actions, including discontinuation of studies.

Use of mobile phones within the Guiders premises is strictly prohibited.

Proper and disciplined behavior with classmates, teachers, other staff and visitors are expected from students. Any misbehavior can attract strict disciplinary actions, including immediate dismissal.

The student shall comply with the rules and regulations of any accrediting agencies such as IATA, BSS etc. The exam schedule will be allocated by Guiders in line with the exam calendar of the accrediting agencies.

Guiders may support outstation students in identifying hostels. However the students will have to arrange their own accommodation facilities.

There are students in Guiders who have earlier availed education loans from Banks. However allotment and disbursements of loans are at the sole discretion of concerned bank and Guiders does not give any promises on the same.

The industry pays salary considering various parameters. Guiders does not promise or commit that the industry pays a particular level of salary.

Any dispute shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of courts of Ernakulam, Kerala..