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Guiders Travel Mart
14 December, 2018

Attractive Prizes worth Rs. One Lakh*

Product Presentation First Prize: Rs. 10,000/-
Product Presentation Second Prize: Rs. 3,000/-
Tourism Quiz First Prize: Rs. 5,000/-
Tourism Quiz Second Prize: Rs. 2,000/-
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Chief Guest
Shri. K. Mohammed Y Safirulla IAS
District Collector and DTPC Chairman

On December 14, 2018, The Guiders Travel Mart invites students from all colleges to part take in the games festivities and competitions being held at Azeezia Convention Center, Kochi. This event has been designed by the students, of the students and for the students. The students of Guiders Education will be showcasing unmapped tourist destinations of Kerala for the stalwarts of the tourism industry to see. The two main competitions for students are Product Presentation and Kerala Quiz. Besides this there will be a day long series of fun and games and prizes to be won.

Product Presentation Competition : Time:10.30am

Free Registrations open from 1 December 2018 to 12 December 2018

First Prize: Rs.10,000     Second Prize: Rs.3000

What is a Product Presentation?

It is a power point presentation of a Tourism product with verbal explanations. The product must be a creation of the students, not something that already exists. Students must pose as the Management/Business Development team of a tour operating company/Homestay/Houseboat/Farm House, Ayurveda, Culture Classrooms etc and try to sell the product and facilities to prospective customers like other tour operators in a tradeshow/exhibition. The judges will then ask questions from a customer point of view. Please note that it must be Kerala Tourism based.

Rules for Product Presentation

  • All participating students must mandatorily carry their college id cards and authorization letter signed by the principal / HOD of their respective institutions
  • One entry per college/School.
  • Participants are requested to report at the venue 1 hour prior to the commencement of the event
  • Maximum number of members in team: 5.
  • Time limit for power point presentation 7 -10 minutes.
  • Product based questions by the judges panel: 5 minutes.
  • Presentation should not exceed 10 slides.
  • Product must be related to Hospitality industry: Hotel, Resort, Cruise, Houseboat, Tree house and Travel & Tourism.
  • Product must be an original "Never Before" innovation (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Product can be real or fictitious.
  • Language for presentation is preferably English.
  • Students must bring their presentations in CDs or pen drives (1 back-up pen drive/CD must be brought along for support).
  • Organizers reserve the right to screening rounds before the final presentation on the stage.
  • Judges decision will be final and binding
  • The panel of Judges will be constituted by leaders from the tourism industry

  • Guidelines for Participants

  • The product presentation must be properly planned and organised.
  • Make an impressive introduction
  • Team members must be introduced with names and designations
  • Product must have a company name, logo, address, website
  • Have clarity on target market and sales/marketing procedures
  • Provide clear pictures of the different aspects of the product
  • Support with clear diction and sound
  • Sell with passion and conclude well

  • Judgment criteria

  • Creativity and originality.
  • Reality in presentation.. name, logo, address, website etc
  • Planning-how the presentation is executed and displayed
  • Best management team- how you work as a team.
  • Marketing & Sales techniques used
  • Presentation skills

  • Guiders Education Travel Mart
    14 December, 2018

    Quiz Competition : Time:1.30pm

    Free Registrations open from 1 December 2018 to 12 December 2018

    First Prize: Rs.5000    Second Prize: Rs.2000

    Rules for Quiz

    The Quiz Questions are entirely based on Kerala Tourism

  • All participating students must mandatorily carry their college id cards and authorization letter signed by the principal / HOD of their respective institutions
  • One entry per college/School
  • Maximum number of members in a college team: 2.
  • There will be preliminary and qualifying rounds which will decide the top 5 teams for the final round
  • The Final will consist of 4 sections
  • The first section consists of direct questions for 10 marks, where each team will be given 45 seconds to answer. If passed, the following teams will be allowed 20 seconds each where the correct answer will be awarded 5 bonus marks
  • The second section will have multiple choice questions for 10 marks each for the correct answer within the time limit of 45 seconds
  • The third section will consist of visual questions to be answered in 45 seconds, fetching 10 marks for the correct answer and 5 bonus marks for passed questions.
  • The fourth section will be a rapid fire round where each team will have to answer 5 questions in a minute, where each correct answer fetches 10 marks.
  • Participants can attempt multiple times within their allotted 45/20 seconds.
  • The highest scorer will be declared the winner.

  • Guidelines for Participants

  • Prepare for Kerala Tourism questions
  • Think before you answer

  • The Quiz Master will be from the Industry

    Quiz coordinator Mr. Santosh Kumar. HoD Shipping & Logistics

    Call and Register with Name of Product/Company:

    Mr. Vipin Narayanan: 7012370913,
    Mr. Ben Wilson: 8129100335
    Mr. Vijay Raj: 9496361440

    All students who wish to attend and visit the stall shall carry their college/school ID card

    *Guiders Education reserves the right to make any changes in the programme as well as schedule.